Bulb Series

Plant Life     1999
Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro, Los Angeles, California
Investigating Nature     2001
Pierce College Art Gallery, Woodland Hills, California
Winter's Blossom     2002
El Camino College Art Gallery, Torrance, California
Floribunda; A Botanical Odyssey     2002
Santa Ana College Art Gallery, Santa Ana, California
Bulb #2
Size up to 13" High by 14"
Pine and Walnut

Bulb #1
Bulb with Blemish
24" High by 26" by 19"

Bulb #3
Size up to 12" High by 14" at Base
Pine and Walnut

Bulb #4
(left) 34" High by 17" at Base
(right) 25½" High by 17" at Base
Pine and Walnut

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