Gurgle, Weep, Flow

Robert A. Fullerton Art Museum     2001
California State University San Bernardino, California

58' by 33' by 12' High
Pine, Steel, Mortar, and Running Water

Water is the issue in Gurgle, Weep, Flow, which addresses the long pending water crisis in southern California as fact and as metaphor. One of the most striking characteristics of Pat Warner's body of work, and this particular installation, is its lack of reliance on a romanticized view of nature. Warner's dexterous wit succeeds in confusing the distinctions between exterior and interior, real and fantastic, possible and probable.

Warner is not a didactic artist; she does not give us statistics or frighten viewers with images of catastrophe, but what she does give us is an imaginary visual narrative which has universal application; it creates a space that stands in for and symbolizes any number of 'real' spaces and it is derived from a desire to restore the relationship between the physical ground and the humans who inhabit it.

  Gurgle, Weep, Flow at 
	  Cal State San Bernardino - wide view   Gurgle, Weep, Flow at 
	  Cal State San Bernardino - narrow view

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